Fireside Tales: Sons of Denethor Among the Sands

Welcome to my very first Fireside Tale where we will be enjoying dramatic retelling of adventure exploits within LotR LCG!

The typical format for these will begin with our story, and then conclude with a brief discussion of the deck I used! The story will include an introductory element, which will then be followed by the narrative actually representing the quest. The focus for these posts will be on the narrative high lights, rather than the mechanical turn-by-turn aspects of the game.



Faramir holds his back against the sand colored alleyway. His hood shades his eyes from the bright noonday sun. It was only an hour ago that they entered the city Umbar. “Eru help us,” Damrod had said. “None have passed to and fro between Gondor and Harad for many the lives of men.” Faramir remembered shifting uncomfortably in his clothes still wet from their misfortunes at sea, and the swim to shore after their vessel was taken under. As his gaze came to the sprawling city, he knew there would be trouble, and whatever doom brought them to that coast might not bring them home


The time is almost at hand, he thinks, they should almost be ready… Before they entered the city Boromir had stood up among the remnant of the rangers from Ithilien. As he rose, their hope rose with him, as if he himself was lifting the burden of the entire company upon his own shoulders. “Fear not, men of Gondor,” he said, “Though the hour may appear grim, I swear to you as your captain and comrade, you will see Gondor again. And when you behold the fair city of Minas Tirith this will seem but an unpleasant dream, fleeing as the shadows of the night when the sun rises.” He had spoken with such sincerity that none would dare call it optimism. Boromir spoke the truth as he would bring it about. “By our valour, we shall endure.”


Now. Faramir gives a whistle to the haradhrim sentry who has been searching for him nearby. The sentry immediately begins to shout and run toward him. Faramir springs from his hiding place gliding down the alley. He is the fleetest on foot, and so the task is his. The light at the end of the alley draws close. He bursts out into the next street, then stops sharply sliding on the loose pavement, spinning around and notching an arrow. The malice in the sentry’s eyes exchanges for surprise as two rangers at the end of the alley cast their net over him. The Southron stumbles to the ground, and looks up just in time to see the sun gleam off the loosed arrow.

Escape From Umbar

KRAAK! Boromir’s shield planted firmly into the face of the Southron, and sending him tumbling into a market stand. Faramir and Damrod turned down the next street in full sprint, Boromir coming behind.

The orders were clear. Spread wide through the city, and if you should shake your pursuers converge toward the center, where Boromir would be drawing the eyes of the enemy. The rangers of Ithilien were coordinated and well trained. Even within their own walls the Haradrim were not prepared.

A second southron soldier engaged Boromir when a familiar bird call rang out ahead. Boromir threw off the soldier with a shoulder and followed the others around the corner. A net dropped swiftly upon the southron forcing him to stop pursuit, and the ranger who threw it joined in behind his Damrod.

They reached the square at the center of the city before the crowds grew thick enough to slow their pace. Shouts rang out from every direction. Buyers and merchants toppled over one another trying to get out of the way and archers appeared on the rooftops, surrounding the brothers to cut off any escape. Damrod struggled to help a wounded companion to his feet.

Quick were Faramir’s hands upon the bow that day, and keen was his aim. The archers fell before his fury, and his ring shown in the sun, but even as they fell more took their place. Boromir held his ground sterner than steel, but the heroes were forced to break away through a nearby estate before they were overrun.

Soon the rangers converged coming to the edge of the city. Holding back the enemy to cover their retreat the brothers endured side by side. Boromir with sword and shield, and Faramir with his bow. Resolute as kings of old hewn from the side of mountains they stood, and to the haradrim it seemed as though the ancient lords of Numenor had returned to visit wrath upon them.

When their allies had escaped, the brothers broke off from the enemy and fled, dispatching the few bold enough to hinder them. After running for some time they turned back they realized the pursuit had ended. When their eyes returned ahead they saw why. They had escaped the city only to flee into the desert.

The Deck in Play

The Deck I used to tackle this quest was a slightly modified version of my trap deck entitled No Jealousy or Rivalry which looks to bring the unique sibling dynamic of the sons of Denethor into our card game. The write up on Ringsdb is pretty extensive so I won’t go into much detail here, but if people are interested I can do a spotlight on the deck in the future!So that concludes our first Fireside Tale! What did you think? Would you be interested in following the narrative through the cycle or something completely different next time? Leave any feedback you might have in the comments below!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Fireside Tales: Sons of Denethor Among the Sands

  1. I love it! Definitely makes me want to know what would happen if you followed the narrative through the next couple of quests; although it’d also be fun to see lots of little snapshots like this with different characters, too.


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