One For All: July Community Challenge

Here we go with our first attempt at this community challenge! Can we pull together clear every quest in the game with one deck? Let’s find out this July!

So first things first, consider this sort of an open beta test for the challenge! We will probably make some tweaks over time, and not everything will be fully implemented as it will be in future challenges! With that in mind, let’s talk about the rules!

Challenge Rules

Using the deck assigned for the challenge players as a community will attempt to beat each quest in the game at least once.

  • Players may use the deck in any player count to complete a quest. This however will be taken into account in the results and ranking the performance.
  • Players may use a side board of up to five cards.
  • Players may complete the quest in either nightmare or normal mode.

Upon completion of the quest players can record their results on the provided google spreadsheet. Information required will be Player Name (can be real or internet name), the number of attempts, the number of cards used from sideboard, and the player count. Multiple completions of a given quest are welcome and all the data will be used in the analysis at the end of the month. For purposes of scoring the deck only the highest tier finishes will be considered for the individual quests.

Challenge Tiers

Each attempt at this challenge will be analyzed at the end of the month and graded on a tier system. If we manage to complete every quest in the game we will have our results compared to the following tier system.

Tier 1- Faramir’s Quality

  • All quests completed in True Solo
  • No sideboard used in any completed quests

Tier 2- Celebrimbor Forged

  • All quests completed in True Solo
  • Limited sideboard used

Tier 3- Blood of Númenor

  • All quests completed in any player count
  • Limited sideboard used

One For All: July’s Deck

This month I decided to go with a Dale deck for a few reasons. It’s new and therefore other than a vague consensus we haven’t had as much opportunity to test the limits of its ability. It’s rounded which is required for true solo play. Lastly it will also give people an opportunity to play with their new cards which they have gotten recently.

Please remember that if this goes well and the community wants to do more of them, then I will be organizing opportunities for suggestions and a poll to let the community decide what deck types we play for future challenges!

Without further ado here is our One For All Challenge deck.

You can find the Ringsdb listing here. There is also a parallel deck Spotlight which you can find here, if you want to read more about how I designed the deck.

When you complete a quest for the challenge record your results here on the google doc! Multiple results are not a bad thing but our primary goal will be to get each quest completed once at the highest tier we can possibly achieve!

Individual participation will be recognized in weekly updates, and will be considered in weighing suggestions for future deck types to face the challenge.

Our Schedule for July

I will be posting weekly updates on results so far in the challenge, highlighting contributions, and gaps to be completed.

Additionally if things are going well then we will have a period of open suggestions for deck type to face the challenge next. These suggestions will be weighted on participation in the current challenge, and narrowed down to 3. Then we will have an open poll featuring the finalists to allow everyone a chance to select what they want to use.

July then will look something like this:

  • July 1- Challenge begins
  • July 6- First update
  • July 13- Second Update- decision on Possibility of an August challenge
  • July 15-20- suggestion period for next Deck type
  • July 20- Third Update
  • July 23-28- Poll for August
  • August 1- Next One For All begins

One For All has officially begun for July! Let’s get out there and do some questing!

Support the effort by sharing about the challenge and helping us spread the word!

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