One For All- July Update #2

In just two weeks we have successfully taken this deck through 62 of the quests this game has to offer! That’s right 62! We are on track to complete the July Challenge! Whatever happens next I think it’s safe to say we have found an incredibly strong deck! Continue reading “One For All- July Update #2”


One for All Community Deck Challenge

So this idea is a bit of an experiment but as I have started playing nightmare mode I have found myself wondering about how many quests a deck can beat. Can I beat of all the quests in the game with one?

Seastan has paved the way with his Vilya deck sitting down and taking it through every quest our game has to offer. One statement that he made was given enough attempts and variance swinging in your favor a lot of decks could be “the one deck.”

Well I don’t know if I have the laser focus to take a deck through every quest in the game, but I wonder if we as a community could band together to do such a thing.

And so I am announcing the One For All challenge! For the month of July I am going to choose a deck, post it on the blog, and put it out to the community to see if we can come together to take that deck through every quest in the game!

Can we find the One (other) deck? If everyone beats two or three quests in the time period we just might! How far can we go?

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Deck Spotlight: Tracking Your Shipment

Galadriel may be one of the most powerful beings in Middle Earth but she is no stranger to the common man’s plight. Having ordered her Copy of the Newest deluxe expansion of her favorite game from Dale, she monitored the shipment closely from her mysterious mirror…heartbroken by delays and lack of status updates.

Sigh…Refresh…no update…refresh…

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Finding Your Play-Style: Variance

Every game has a level of variance or elements which are unpredictable to the player. How much variance prefer depends on you though! You may like a game with high levels of variance like poker, or a game with extremely low variance such as chess. As we continue to talk about personal play-style this time we will turn to talk about the subject of variance.

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Dale as Old as Time: First Impressions of Wilds of Rhovanion

After finally getting my hands on our new player cards and getting in some games in I wanted to come back and share my first impressions! Where were my predictions spot on, and where was I surprised?

There will be no spoilers of any details of the quests in the Deluxe box, so there will be nothing regarding story or mechanics!

If you are excited to hear more about the player cards read on!

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Preparing for the Wilderlands

I am beyond hyped for upcoming deluxe and the heavy dose of the new Dale trait! I wanted to take the opportunity to put down some of my thoughts and theory craft the deck I’m going to be using to tackle the box when I get my hands on it!

There will be spoilers for player cards but nothing quest specific!

Big shout out to Estel Edain on the forums who helped consolidate a lot of the information! His post can be found here!

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