Fire in the Night: First Impressions

Well it took me awhile to get to it but here are some of my first impressions of this latest adventure pack in the Ered Mithrin cycle!

Player Card Highlights

This was a good pack for player cards, and a very good pack if you like the Silvan archetype! I haven’t played extensively with every card but here are some of my initial thoughts and impressions.

This pack introduces some love for the silvan trait in the form of the long awaited hero Thranduil as well as several other cards which fit nicely into the kit. This brings some very fun diversity to a trait which I already enjoy building and playing!

I really like Thranduil. I haven’t found a favorite deck yet for our new elven king but he is fantastic. The ability to put a Silvan into play during combat adds an interesting layer of strategy, since so many of their allies have fantastic enter play abilities. Combine this with no need to have a resource match for this play! This is a huge help as the Silvan have some great tactics allies but Silvan decks don’t usually want to run a Tactics hero. I think there’s a very good mono leadership deck somewhere for Silvan now placing Thranduil alongside Celeborn. Use a dwarf and you can still play your Silvan events thanks to Narvi’s Belt. If I find the combination I like I will try to post about it but as of now I’m still tinkering.

This pack also brings the attachment “The Elven King” which is incredible. Readying a hero is always welcome but honestly just another way to bounce a Silvan out of play makes it more then worthwhile. It should go in any Silvan deck where you have leadership which should be almost any Silvan deck to begin with.

Galion the drunken elf is good for what he does, another target to play Silvan events. He does not fit as well next to Thranduil but plays strongly into the more traditional Silvan archetype. The event is also useful to help mitigate some potentially game ending Shadows depending on the quest, but I think it will be a side board card more then an auto-include.

Leather boots are actually much better then I think they were initially received. The key is to forget the idea of using an allies second set of stats, (i.e. questing then combat) and instead focus on characters with exhaust abilities you want to repeat. Throw these on a warden of healing and you have potentially gotten extra healing every round for the rest of the game. I managed this combination in a two player game and got at least six extra heals over the course of the game, and I probably would have had more if everyone wasn’t at full health! Throw a pair on Gleowine and pass around extra card draw. Put them on ally Faramir for one more dose of will power explosion.

The new trap card Outmatched will have some good traction in Dunedain decks, and may make it into some trap decks, although I would imagine it will be cut for other things in the long run. It runs very well alongside a strong sentinel defender who can more easily block multiple enemies. I love the art though.

Thalion is a cool ally and provides for some fun in a side quest deck, or against a quest that is side quest heavy. He’s not overpowered but he’s adequately strong. I like him and appreciate the card with Caleb Grace’s five year art. Very cool all around!

The new ally Giant bear is interesting but I’m not itching to build that Beorning deck yet. The new Woodman will be good in a Haldan deck for sure. The new guarded attachment Orcharist is cool and potentially powerful but I haven’t built my bursary deck deck (come on Tactics Bilbo!). These last three cards have there place but I haven’t played with them yet.

All in all a solid pack for player cards I think!

The Quest

 No spoilers here, just my general impressions!

I really enjoyed this quest. I went with my Dale deck against it and felt the difficulty was very well balanced. The quest does a good job pushing you to rush, but also gives you the option to risk delaying if you feel like you need it for a turn or two. I am looking forward to a few more plays of it soon! I have to say this might be my favorite quest of the cycle so far and the quest alone makes this worth the purchase!

So those were my initial thoughts and impressions of Fire in the Night! What did you think? Have you played the quest yet? What’s your favorite player card from this pack?

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Was there, Now Back Again: Update

Gandalf perhaps put it best when he said; “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” Regretably for me that meant less blogging in my recent season of life! But now begins a new age, and I believe I will be able to get back to much more regular writing! As I enter into this I thought I would give a short update to any and all who might be interested!

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Roam Across Rhovanion: First Impressions

After some more extensive play time and attempts at the quest, here are some of my initial thoughts on the latest expansion of the Ered Mithrin cycle! If you don’t want to read through the post as a whole I’ll summarize: buy into this cycle, it’s good!

Let’s take a closer look, and don’t worry I’ll warn you before I go into spoiler territory!

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Con of the Rings 2018 Highlights

I wanted to share a little of my experience with Con of the Rings this year for those who might be interested and to help solidify it for myself in memory! The short version is this: it was amazing and I’m 100% in for Con of the Rings 2019!

If you are interested in more including which decks I brought and how they performed keep reading!

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Fellowship 2018: The Woodland Realm

This weekend I had the opportunity to go with a couple guys up to Maryland for the latest fellowship event, the Woodland Realm, and to experience for the first time the new format of two versus two.

I won’t spoil anything regarding specifics to the quest (although since you build an encounter deck I’m not sure how you’d go in blind), but I wanted to share a little about my experience and some of my thoughts about the name game mode!

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Lord of the Rings (Digital): First Impressions

Ok everyone, here are my first impressions of the new digital game in early access from Fantasy Flight Interactive. This won’t be a full review by any stretch but I will give you my initial thoughts. I will talk briefly about cost and payment, but will mostly focus on the game itself, because ultimately that’s what I care about!

Please also note I am coming as a player of the tabletop card game so I may have a different perspective than you! With that said let’s talk about Early access!

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Limited Edition Starter: First Impressions

With the Collector’s edition in my grasp, and time before the digital game release I thought I’d share thoughts on the Limited edition starter which was included in the package! I will stick to more general thoughts on the quests, talk about the included starter decks, and give my initial thoughts on the new heroes included! Into the caverns we go!

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Money can’t buy you Valor*

*but sometimes valor comes with things you can buy.

There is a lot of information which is constantly in flux for the new digital game set to release for early access Tuesday August 28th, 2018. I decided to process as much of the information from the latest stream into this post with the hopes of bringing clarity to members of the community and also consolidating everything we know into one easy to find place. Of course all this is subject to change, but for now here’s what we know!

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Unexpected Journeys (Blog update)

Hey everyone! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to post and I thought it would be appropriate to give a small update on things and the direction of the blog going forward. So without further ado here we go!

When Life gives you Lemons…

Smile and say thank you, but plan on going to the store later to pick up what you needed.

Within the past month I have entered unexpectedly into a period of major transition which will involve a change of jobs, as well as many other changes which will will inevitably follow. I won’t go into much detail but this will include many smaller things, such as changing phone plans to the potential for more major things such as moving.

With all of the pieces in motion I haven’t had the time or the drive to push through much content in relation to the blog as I’m sure you understand!

The Road goes ever on

I’m not stopping though! I plan on continuing writing although it may not be as regular until things settle. I wanted to briefly highlight a couple things people might be wondering about!

All For One Challenge

The July Challenge was a big success I think, and I believe we would have completed it to had I been able to keep on top of it! I will plan on doing a wrap up for July, and discussing more about the Dale archetype. I think it was an extremely strong showing for a first attempt, especially from such a fledgling archetype! A huge thanks to everyone who participated! I hope everyone enjoyed it! Once things have settled down for me I can definitely see the challenge come back around again!

Fireside Tales

I’m hoping to get some more Fireside Tales out in the future, finishing my Errantry in Angmar series and perhaps starting something new, perhaps some singular tales which stand on their own. I almost certainly will have something for Dale coming up because that seems like very rich unexplored ground for narrative!

And More?

Ultimately as I get time I’ll be posting on whatever things catch my attention in relation to news for the game, or decks I’m working on. In fact I hope to get up a post in the near future talking about many of the recently revealed cards and what I’m excited for in the future of the game.

As the dust settles and the changes solidify I’m sure I will be getting back to more frequent writing. Until then I will continue at whatever pace life allows me! I have greatly enjoyed my time with this blog so far, and I have no intention on stopping anytime soon!